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Service Robots:

ISE`s experience developing intelligent robotic systems and integrating complex computer control applications gave to ISE the capability to develop safe and effective service robots. "Service robots", such as the Shell Smart Pump, operate in non-industrial environments and interact with people who have limited or no training. Service robots are characterized by having the sensors and capability to operate safely in unpredictable environments. Issues of particular importance when designing service robotics include:

  • Safety
  • Redundant sensors. Convenient performance of fault detection and fault diagnosis
  • Industrial design. The system must look trustworthy and non-threatening
  • Ease of use
  • Designing the look of the system to be consistent with the environment into which the robot is to be deployed.

Shell Smart Pump subsystems have wide application throughout the field of service robots. ISE`s experience working with organizations, such as Underwriters Laboratories, makes ISE well qualified to provide products, technology, or expertise to other organizations who have interests in developing and/or using service robots.

Shell Smart Pump subsystems service robot applications including:

  • Janitorial work and house cleaning
  • Delivery robots (mail, food, books etc.)
  • Material transport
  • Fire detection and fighting
  • Medical robotics
  • Systems to give the disabled greater independence
  • Home care robots for disabled and/or invalids
  • Rescue (mine, fires, etc.)
  • Care for the visually impaired
  • Security
  • Law enforcement