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HYSUB 40, 5000 meter diving depth

40 HP, 5000 Metre Work ROV

The HYSUB 5000 is the deepest diving ROV ISE has built. So far, three systems have been delivered. They are based on the HYSUB 40 with components modified for operation to 5000m (16,400ft). The vehicle is deployed in a cage. The steel armoured umbilical contains single mode optical fibres for all video, sonar, instrumentation and data signals.

HYSUB 40-5000 in field
HYSUB 40-5000 ROPOS in Cage

A version of the HYSUB 5000 vehicle/cage system, ROPOS, has been used primarily for oceanographic research. This vehicle has different configurations, depending on the task being performed. In deep water operations, the 30 HP vehicle can dive to 5000 meter depths. At depth, the vehicle operates independent of the 10 HP cage up to 300 meters of flying tether. In shallow water mode, the vehicle operates as a 40 HP vehicle, independent of the cage, down to depths of 350 meters.

Length: 254 cm / 100 inches
Width: 152.4 cm / 60 inches
Height: 165.1 cm / 65 inches
Weight in air: 2086.5 kg. / 4600 lbs. (nominal); 2199.9 kg / 4850 lb including skid
Diving Depth: 5000 m / 16,404 ft.
Payload: 36.3 kg (80 lb)
Structure: 6061-T6 aluminum with 316 stainless steel fixtures
Flotation: Syntactic foam
Variable Ballast: Lead
Propulsion: Electro-hydraulic (40 electric HP, 6 hydraulic thrusters)
Power Requirements: 460 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz
Control: ISE ACE Control System
Cameras: Colour, B/W optional; Customer's Option
Sonar: Colour 360 degree sector scanning
Lights: 4 Tungsten filament 250 Watt
Manipulators: 1 x 5 function rate and 1 x 7 function SC Magnum Manipulator


HYSUB 40 Comex

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