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ISE ROV Components & Parts


Thrusters are designed and built with diameters of up to 19.5 inches. Some custom variations have been provided for customers. Click here for more information.

Power Packs

Electro-hydraulic power packs are produced from 10 HP to 125 HP.


ISE designs and builds consoles for a variety of remotely operated vehicles: 19", 24", Operators, Portables. Click here for more information.

Control Rooms Modules / Containers

Control Room Modules come in several configurations and are customized to suit your needs. Typical sizes of ISO containers are 10, 20 and 40 feet with a standard width of 8 feet. Some specialized containers have been produced to widths of 11.6 feet wide to accomodate extra seating.

Cages / Tether Management Systems / Live Boating

There are many methods of launching and recovering a vehicle. ISE designs and builds a complete range of cages and TMS's. Click here for more information.


ISE a wide selection of underwater electrical cables. They are used on ISE's own underwater equipment and are sold to other manufactures for inclusion on their equipment. Click here for more information.