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ISE's Cable Shop

Custom Made Cables

The ISE cable shop's manufactures a wide selection of underwater cables. They are used on ISE's own underwater equipment and are sold to other manufacturers for inclusion on their equipment.

Underwater equipment has very special requirements for power and control connections. All these electrical connections must protect against sea water intrusion, both on the surface and at great depths and pressures. Cables must also be very strong and tough, to resist the stress and abrasion of long term operation.

The cables use many different pressure-proof electrical connectors, carefully chosen for each specific use. The connectors range in size from a simple single conductor to a large, forty-eight conductor. Smaller cables are typically of neoprene construction, molded with high-durometer polyurethane. Larger cables are usually of oil-filled construction, using special wiring configurations in flexible polyurethane tubing.

ISE also manufactures a high-pressure fiber optic penetrator for deep underwater use. This cable enables the transmission of data and telemetry between submersible and surface through high efficiency, noise-free optical links.

All ISE cable assemblies are manufactured to a high degree of quality control. Extensive testing at each stage of production assures high reliability and excellent serviceability.