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ISE News Archives

ARRS (Autonomous Robotic Refueling System) for Rapid Aircraft Turnaround

The ARRS was designed for the US Air Force (Wright Patterson) as a nuclear hardened autonomous robotic system to refuel F-15 and F-16 aircraft. The ARRS was also designed to use laser sensing for obstacle avoidance, and computer vision for visual sensing.

A/RD Highly Mobile Autonomous Remote De-Icing System

The A/RD concept has evolved out of the Autonomous Robotic Refuelling System that ISE designed for Wright Patterson AFB of the US Air Force. This latter system was designed to refuel tactical aircraft.

ISE has designed the A/RD for de-icing both large and small aircraft. It can be economically used in either large or small airports.

The A/RD will have has a telescoping manipulator which can be mounted to a variety of aircraft service trucks.

When operating, the A/RD will determine its position and orientation with respect to the aircraft. Once this occurs, one or more A/RD systems automatically commence de-icing. The number of A/RD vehicles depends upon the size of the aircraft and the size of the airport.

For unexpected situations, A/RD can be operated manually similar to conventional de-icing.

The benefits of the A/RD compared with conventional de-icing include:

  • Precise amounts of de-icing fluid applied. No operator errors
  • De-icing at either end of the runway shortly before take-off
  • De-icing while the engines are operating
  • Labour savings

Additional applications for variations of the A/RD include:

  • Snow plowing
  • Runway sweeping
  • Aircraft washing
  • Aircraft refuelling
  • Aircraft decontamination