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ISE Magnum 7 Manupulator

Magnum 5F

The Magnum-7, from the magnum family, is a rugged 7-function manipulator used primarily in ROV applications. This manipulator is designed to be reliable while operating in harsh environments. Components and assembly make this arm completely field serviceable.

The small stow envelope makes the Magnum-7 ideal for cage deployed vehicles. Typical ROV installations have a Magnum-5 port side and a Magnum-7 starboard side. In this configuration, the Magnum-7 is usually used for precision maneuvers while still being able to lift significant loads. Both port and starboard versions are available.

The dexterity and range of motion of this arm make it ideal for jetting and brushing operations, debris clearance, valve turning and bolt torquing, cable cutting, cable repair, biological and geological sampling, archeological work, transponder and probe installation, salvage and recovery.


Reach: 60 inches
Weight: 71 Kg (157 lbs)
Maximum Lift: 454 Kg (1000 lbs)
Lift at Full Extension: 295 Kg (650 lbs)
Wrist Torque: 108 Nm (80 ft-lbs)
Grip Force: 205 Kg (450 lbs)
Operating Depth: 6000 msw (19,700 fsw); Option to 11,000 msw (36,000 fsw)
Hydraulic Fluid: Shell Tellus (or equivalent)
Input Pressure: 6900 kPa (1000 psi)
Input Flow: 19 LPM (5 gpm)
Material: Aluminum with stainless steel fittings
Corrosion Resistance: Black anodization and Magnesium anodes
Control: Rate or Spacially Correspondent (master/slave)

Operating Envelope:

Magnum 5 Mini CAD

Gripper Options:

Single Sided

Controller Options:

Master Slave

Download the Datasheet HERE